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1. Which legislation implies that Root Cause investigations should take place in instances of product recall or withdrawal?

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Article 18 requires that the traceability records be made available to the competent authorities on demand. As the purpose of the traceability provision is to assist with withdrawals and recalls of unsafe food, food businesses should have their records sufficiently organised and available to be produced within the short timescale needed for them to be of use in any such withdrawal or recall. Article 19 states that a food business operator shall immediately inform the competent authorities if it considers or has reason to believe that a food which it has placed on the market may be injurious to human health. Operators shall inform the competent authorities of the action taken to prevent risks to the final consumer.

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Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 requires that it is necessary to ensure Food Safety throughout the food chain. Establishing corrective actions when monitoring indicates that a critical control point (CCP) is not under control.

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