Root cause analysis team selection

Root cause analysis team selection

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Being able to successfully understand the problem and define the incident that has occurred is essential to the ability to successfully establish the true root cause of an incident.

If the enforcement officer / investigator is operating alone, external support should ideally be on call and available to support the process and potentially verify the outcome.

When performed in industry the Root Cause team should be multi disciplined and multi skilled, incorporating members from all operational sections, engineering, technical and staff with relevant specialist knowledge.

The team leader should be selected to manage the team and arbitrate on decisions.


The Root Cause team / investigator should have the skills to be able to:

  • Look beyond the solution to the immediate problem
  • Understand the fundamental or underlying cause(s) of the situation
  • Establish the chain of events leading up to an incident
  • Identify specific step(s) within that chain where action can be taken to prevent recurrence

The specific personal abilities that the team / investigator should have include:

  • Open minded
  • Investigative
  • Diligent
  • Experienced
  • Have a knowledge of the process / category / product